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The Academic Partnership Alliance (APA) is the partnership portal of SIMI Swiss, which owns several academic institutions in Switzerland.

We support for partners and let them move!

The Academic Partnership Alliance (APA) is the partnership portal of SIMI Swiss, which owns several academic institutions in Switzerland.

Our Partnership

Approved Learning Center

The Approved Learning Center oversees the entire academic program. We ensure quality control, recognize the results, and award the qualifications.

Approved Recruitment Center

Approved Recruitment Centers are individuals or organizations that may be eligible to represent us in recruiting learners interested in our fully online programs.

Approved Tutor Center

An Approved Tutor Center is a partner that may be eligible to provide tutoring and support to learners studying with us. We ensure quality control and award the qualifications.

Approved EPA Center

The approved EPA Center is a partner eligible to conduct End-Point Assessments for learners. We recognize the results and award the qualifications.

Know About Us

The Academic Partnerships Alliance is a key component of SIMI Swiss’ collaborative efforts. Notably, SIMI Swiss is the first accredited higher education institution in Zug, Switzerland.

Our mission is to offer cooperation programs that deliver high-quality training, widely recognized in the job market. These programs are designed to provide learners with flexible options for continuing their education or pivoting their careers efficiently.

For organizations and individuals eager to make an impact in higher education, there are ample opportunities to partner with SIMI Swiss. We offer four main avenues for collaboration:

  1. Approved Academic Center
  2. Approved Recruitment Center
  3. Approved Tutor Center
  4. Approved EPA Center

Our goal is to assist you in achieving success in the education business sector.

Kindly continue reading below to gain a better understanding of the advantages of becoming a member and collaborating with SIMI Swiss.
Who can join the APA partnership programs?

We believe that every institution that shares our passion for education has a valuable contribution to make, and we welcome your participation in our APA. A College, University, Independent Training Provider, or other Education Institution, as an APA member, you will have access to a network of like-minded educators who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world through education.

What Swiss institutions can I collaborate with?

SIMI Swiss is the proprietor of various institutions in Switzerland:

  • Business School of Switzerland
  • IT Institute of Switzerland
  • Swiss School of Education
  • Swiss Healthcare School
  • Swiss Hospitality School
  • Swiss Logistics & SCM School
  • Swiss Aviation Management School
  • Law Institute of Switzerland
  • Centre for TVET of Switzerland
  • Centre for Micro-Credential of Switzerland
  • Centre for Pre-University of Switzerland
  • Swiss Doctorate Journal
  • Colloquium of Switzerland (cooperate in workshops and academic events)

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What training programs can I choose to cooperate with?

We offer training programs in a diverse range of fields, spanning from Bachelors’s to Ph.D. level. Additionally, we are proud to be the pioneers in implementing APEL.Q (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications), a revolutionary system that award of academic qualifications to individual learners through the evaluation and assessment of prior experiential learning.

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What support do I get to become an SIMI Swiss partner?

We strongly believe that our success is intricately linked with the success of our partners and the satisfaction of our students. As an SIMI Swiss partner, you can expect to receive comprehensive support, which includes:

  • Help you choose the right academic program to cooperate with your ability and motivations.
  • Helping you launch successful partnerships through academic and market support systems.
  • Help you control the quality of training programs to ensure the benefits of learners as well as maintain quality

For more information about what we could support you, please CLICK HERE

How does the partnership process?

We will provide guidance and support throughout the entire partnership process, from selecting the most appropriate cooperation model to facilitating a successful transfer. To learn more about how we can assist you, please refer to the following link HERE

Business Programs

Business Administration Academic Programs from Bachelor to PostDoc of our Switzerland & France University

Education Programs

Education and Pedagogy Academic Programs from Bachelor to PostDoc of our Switzerland & France University

Logistics Programs

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Programs from Bachelor to PostDoc of our Switzerland & France University

HR Programs

HR & Talent Development Academic Programs from Bachelor to PostDoc of our Switzerland & France University

TESOL Programs

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from our University in France, Switzerland & London Language College

Hospitality Programs

Hospitality and Hotel Management Academic and Practical Programs from Switzerland, the number one in the world in this field

Research Programs

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil), Professional Doctorate, and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) from our France University

Short Courses

Short courses from Short Courses Network could transfer credits and tuition fees when getting an academic degree from our France university

International GCSE

Our IGCSE is accredited by UK Gov and recognized all over the world

PreU Programs

Our PreU is accredited by UK Gov and recognized of over 5,000 bachelor


Get an academic degree at your workplace with save your time and fees

HEAD Accreditation

HEAD is a German accreditation service only for Higher Education

Certified Programs

Senior Certified of Senior Leader Council based on the Senior Leader Standards of UK Government


APEL.Q is the award of academic qualifications through the assessment of prior experiential

Micro Degree

Micro Degree could earn your credentials, transfer credits and tuition fees when getting degree

We Can Help, Contact Us

Partnership with EEH is not a one-time event, and we are committed to assisting all of our partners in their ongoing development and business enhancement.

Dr. Dzung Nguyen
EEH Chairman


Our Universities
& Institutions

European Education Holdings is proud to be an adult training ecosystem with a full range of program levels. All our programs are accredited and global recognized. Please review our universities and institutions before partnership with us.
The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation
The Université Libérale de Paris
The London Academy of Sciences
The London Language College
APEL.Q (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Qualifications)
Short Courses Network (SCN)
Senior Leader Bureau
Colloquium United Kingdom
PreUniversity Switzerland (PUS)
CEFR English
Level United Kingdom
HEAD - Higher Education Accreditation Department

We Help You Success


Help you choose a partnership model

Partnership Board is responsible for appraising, selecting partners and signing cooperation.

Help you succeed with your partnership plan

The Transferring Board is responsible for program delivery and training for partners.

Help you compliances with external quality control

Compliance Board is responsible for controlling and ensuring the quality of program delivery.
Full Accreditation
All Programs from EEH is Accredited and Recognition.
Long-term cooperation
We create the long-term and sustainable cooperation.
Partner's support
We support our partners as much as possible for mutual success.
Maximize your options
We create the most options for cooperation no matter where we are.

“You get to work with the real decision maker from our universities without going through any middlemen”

Dr. Mensur, Head of Transferring Board


A.B.C Partnership Standards

All judgments, assessments and decisions are based on a balance of interests between the parties, ensuring the interests of learners as well as ensuring the interests of partners.


We and our partners accompany together.


We balance interests and benefits with our partners.


Working closely and support partners.

Looking Forward
To Work with You

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    Academic Partnerships Alliance (APA) is the partnership portal of SIMI Swiss